20.0 USD 20.00
Responsible Jared Kipe
Last Update 04/01/2021
Completion Time 10 hours 32 minutes
Members 28
  • Sprint
    • Intro to Refactoring a Module
    • Prerequisites
      10 xp
    • Writing Tests
      10 xp
    • Refactoring Tests
      10 xp
    • Adding New Views
      10 xp
    • Advanced Views
      10 xp
    • Refactoring Flow
    • Review + Commit
      10 xp
  • Sprint
    • Search Views
      10 xp
    • Smart Buttons
      10 xp
    • Module Extraction + Installation Script
      10 xp
    • Computed Fields
      10 xp
    • Migration Scripts
      10 xp
    • User Experience After Review
    • Feature: Historic Tasks Many2Many
    • Sprint Timesheets
    • Automated Task Sprint Relationship via Timesheet
    • Automated Forecasts
    • Migration + Commit

Odoo Development Course

Advanced Learning for Odoo 12 

Learning to build a basic Odoo module is a fundamental first-step in Odoo development. It allows you to introduce small and essential solutions to your Odoo database. But now it’s time to expand your knowledge! 

As you become more adept in Odoo development, you’ll find there are fewer resources for the advanced aspects. Here at Hibou, we noticed that too - that’s why we’ve launched Hibou development courses for Odoo!

Join Hibou President and Lead Developer, Jared Kipe, as he brings you the Odoo 12 Advanced Development course. This course offers:

  • A true-to-life Odoo development workflow.

  • Attention to the nuances of Odoo development.

  • Real-time troubleshooting techniques and intuitive solutions.

  • Tips, tricks, and best-practice method from an advanced developer.

  • A conversational style presentation of Odoo development.

The skills gained from this in-depth course will prove invaluable. With them, you’ll build a solid foundation as you continue developing for Odoo 13, 14, and future releases.