20.0 USD 20.00
Responsible Jared Kipe
Last Update 09/17/2021
Completion Time 15 hours 46 minutes
Members 43
  • Intro and Environment
    • Free Preview
    • Source Control + Starting New Projects
    • Docker + Running Odoo
    • Pycharm Testing + Debugging
  • Box - Base
  • PrintBox
    • Inheriting Models
    • Inheriting Views
    • Inheriting Javascript
    • Printing Report Actions
  • ShipBox
    • Computed Fields
    • Field Widgets
    • Javascript Scale
    • Automatic Label Printing
    • Git Commit
  • PrintBox Queue
    • Queue Jobs
    • Box Communication Separation of Concerns
    • Queueing Report Prints
    • Server Actions
    • Automated Actions
    • Improvements + Refactors

Odoo Development eLearning Series

Advanced Coding for Odoo 13

You likely picked up some fantastic tips from our Advanced Development in Odoo 12 eLearning course - if not, no worries, you can skip ahead! Now it's time to dig deeper!

In this multi-part series, follow along with Hibou President and Lead Developer, Jared Kipe, as he builds out a new Hibou application for Odoo 13 called Boxes. The end-goal of this application is to provide a full-faceted solution for Odoo to interact with the Internet of Things (IoT) with ease (via Raspberry Pi-based machines). 

This series kicks off with some valuable lessons on starting new projects with an existing Odoo image, managing your environment in with Docker, and coding in Pycharm. Once the prelims are out of the way, you'll dig directly into the code!

Learn useful tips and methods for writing quality code, writing unit tests, and incorporating Javascript into Odoo. Due to the nature of this application, the potential is endless. That means this course will continue to grow over time, so be sure to sign up today at this low price and we'll notify you when new content is added.

If you'd like to get an idea of what this course entails, go ahead and watch the first section free and let us know what you think! Your feedback is invaluable as we continue building this course.

Bonus: We're also offering two more videos are absolute must-haves for any Odoo developer's toolbox.